Advertising of the Future is Interactive and Location Sensitive

Dockers has an interactive ad which displays while an iPhone game (or possibly other apps) is loading. The ad, called “Shake Down to Get Down”, asks the person to shake the phone in order to make the person on the screen dance. The screen focuses on the dancers shoes which of course are Dockers.


This serves as an increasing trend for organizations wanting people to interact with and be entertained by their brand. One of the first examples I can think of this new type of advertising is Burger King’s subservient chicken which launched in 2004. What makes the Dockers ad unique is how it is embedded as a part of another application and it is mobile.

The ad was built specifically for the iPhone which offer much more functionality than TV, paper, radio or websites. One of the more exciting features of using a mobile platform is location based ads.

Imagine this scenario: you are shopping in a store and you scan/take a picture of a bar code to lookup the price of the item on to see if the price you are looking at in the store really is a good deal (available now with the iPhone and Google’s Adroid phones). Soon there after, you might receive a text message informing you that the store down the road has the same item for 10% less then prompts you for turn-by-turn directions on how to get to that store. I would expect to see this scenario take place very soon.

Other new opportunities are available with location and motion based ads such as…

    • A electronics company could display a new rebate enticing users to scan a barcode at a nearby store, then give you directions to that store.
    • A cruise line could offer deals for users in Miami and New Orleans due to proximity to their ships.
    • A soda company may create an interactive bottle of pop that is motion sensitive. The user can shake up the bottle and it splashes all over the screen.
    • A car rental company can determine that a user is outside their typical geography and serve an ad for extra insurance or a CPA ad for a discounted rate.

This is just the beginning as newer technologies become available that we carry around in our pockets. I can think of the new summer baseball movie may offer discounted ticket if you can swing your phone faster than 45 MPH (measured by an accelerometer like what is currently in the iPhone). Then after you try, show the next available show times of the movie for the 5 closest theaters near you.

Mobile is the advertising platform of the future as the viewers are more engaged. It is easy to walk out of a room or skip over a TV commercial with a DVR. Most people skip the first 15 pages of a magazine. Mobile offers tracking for easy ROI measurements, unlike print. And most importantly mobile users are not usually doing any thing else – their attention is focused solely on the device. It is coming soon and it will come fast.

via ReadWriteWeb

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