Website Landing Page Optimization Based on Traffic Source

Just reading through a Marketing Sherpa report on Landing Page Optimization and I thought I would share a few thoughts. They typically look at it from three types of landing pages; E-Commerce, Incentivized Leads, and Direct Lead Generation. These are, after all, the reasons you are out there with internet marketing campaigns – to drive leads and sales.

With the tools available (Google Analytics is perfect and FREE), you should spend some time figuring out who converts the best on your site from what medium of advertising. You also need to look at assigning a lead “quality score” in order to balance quantity and quality. Paid media, customers, e-mail blasts, social media referrals, and general organic traffic all do different things when they get to your website and you should be looking at the data to tell you what you need to do based on the source.

Which takes me to some work we did a few months ago for a big automaker here in Michigan. They created a comparison site for their brand site and wanted to know how it was working.  We helped them understand all the ways they could measure their traffic patterns and usage so they could make changes to improve performance based on EACH way someone got to that site – paid, social, Brand site, mobile, etc. for the next model year. This is extremely important to look at in order to make sure you are maximizing your opportunity with each and every visitor to your site based on how they get to you and what they do once there.

If you are using landing pages, you need to look at not only the landing page, but what are they doing with the website beyond the landing page. There is the chance that they are visiting that page and just converting the way you want, but typically there is a multi-step process into getting them to convert unless you are incentivizing them with an offer or limited time.

Frankly, with search engine optimization, EVERY page could be a landing page so you always need to be studying your web traffic. How they got there (keyword, search, paid), from what source (paid, social, etc) and what do those visitors do while there. You then optimize based on the how and where from to improve your visitor experience based on what they show they do once on your site and try to incorporate that information into the landing page. There is even a great tool for this in Google Analytics called Assisted Conversions that helps you find out what they do and where they come from before they fill out a form or buy something. This will tell you the information they “need” before they are ready to make a decision. One other landing page consideration would be to also put a dedicated phone number to it so you can also track how many calls were generated from that page.

google analytics assisted conversions

Then just complete the cycle with putting that quality score on leads based on your internal contact management tool(s) with the ability to track actual sales data (unless you are doing eCommerce and can do it online of course) and you will have all the data you need to drive the most effective leads with the best conversions which will help you to never waste marketing/advertising dollars.

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