Facebook Marketing & Fan Interaction 101

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Facebook is a wonderful way to utilize your personality to interact with fans and to simply show them you’re not just a big-time company that isn’t concerned with their customers’ needs. How you fully go about keeping these marketing efforts going will be unique to your business, but there are some simple tricks to keep the interaction going and build your brand through Facebook.

Get your fans involved and interaction flowing with these Facebook tricks.

Real People & Real Personalities

First, it’s beneficial to know that Facebook is a great promotional tool on multiple levels because it allows you to connect with customers, potential customers and even other companies in the industry that can help you increase your exposure. When you take to Facebook in order to promote your brand, understand that the people on there are all real and they expect you to be as well. This is a great way to show your personality and show that you care about facilitating their needs when it comes to your services and products.

It’s Not About the Hard-Sell

facebook fan interaction

Be sure to let the interaction flow for purposes that involve your business and even some that don’t. This goes along with showing your personality as you can simply engage in contact with your fans by writing a status on just about anything relevant, asking for their input or what they think about certain things. When you engage with the fans, it builds a comfortable rapport between them and your brand which can help convert them into buyers.

One of the more entertaining methods of marketing on Facebook is the use of yourwebsite to conduct scavenger hunt type deals in order to promote a new or hot item that you may be selling. Simply use Facebook to post photos of places in and around your city and have people search for what you are giving away. This allows the fans to be a part of your businesses promotional plan, get something for free and see the true quality of your product.

Deals like this and “Facebook Exclusives” get fans talking and word of mouth can bring in a lot of business.

Above all else, the biggest tip on making Facebook marketing successful is to interact. Give the fans a reason to notice you and feel that they can trust you. If you let questions, comments or suggestions go without a response, you’re not using the full potential of what social media networks can offer businesses.

Have Fun

Finally, have fun. Rarely are people going to take Facebook too seriously, so enjoy the interaction and promote what you want to promote. When you’re having fun with the fans that means they are having fun with your business, and that is an easy way to increase conversion rates and profit.

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5 comments on “Facebook Marketing & Fan Interaction 101
  1. Victoria May says:

    Thank so much! So many people try to sell on FB and that’s just not what FB is for. If you’re going to use Social Media in your marketing I think it’s best to get a social media marketer who can give you realistic expectations and use it properly to do the most for your brand.

  2. JP says:

    Great tips for creating interaction on your Facebook page

  3. Social media is about being social. If you aren’t interacting with your followers you just aren’t doing social media correctly. Social media isn’t just another channel to push your coupons or promotions. Interacting with fans and followers is a great way to encourage brand loyalty.

  4. This is what I have been looking
    for many days. Really good work!

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