Improve Your PPC Campaigns With Ad Extensions in Adwords

Believe it or not pay per click ads have taken over the majority of the real estate on your search engines results pages.  If you don’t believe me then go take a second to do a Google search for some product you planned on going and buying this weekend.  There is a great infographic Google ads and the war on free clicks that Wordstream put together.  Aside from the fact that I love all the little pandas and penguins with deadly weapons that I think is hilarious the point of all this is that people searching the internet with a high commercial intent are most definitely clicking on PPC ads and they are converting to sales. If those aren’t your ads then they’re your competitors.   So let’s talk about how we can improve your Adwords campaigns using ad extensions.

Google Adwords Ad Extension Options

There are a couple different ways to enhance your ads and attract more attention from searchers.  The first question you need to ask yourself is what ad extensions will work best for you.  The answer to that question is based on the goals of your campaign and the type of business you run.  Here are your options and some applications for each:

  • Location Extension
    • If you run a local business where your address is important then this reinforces that you’re the business they want to work with.
  • Call Extension
    • If the goal of your campaign is to collect leads and you can close those leads on the phone then you need to be using this.  Also, anyone say mobile devices?
  • Sitelinks Extension
    • Basically if you have a website then this one is for you.  Any campaign can be improved by enhancing their ads with sitelinks.
  • Product Extension
    • One of the best tools for a PPC manager who runs campaigns for an ecommerce website.  Get your products right up there on the top with photos.
  • Social Extension
    • Has your company gone social?  Google+ is a great social tool and you can give your SEO manager and social media manager a little love by enhancing your ads with your business’ Google+ presence tied into your ad copy.
  • Mobile App Extension
    • If you’re promoting a mobile app then you can get direct downloads from your PPC ads.

Location Extension

To add a location extension with your ad you can either pull the information from your Google+ Local page or manually enter your address.  Once you do your ad could stand out from the crowd and look like this:

local yoga ad extension

Call Extension

When you add a call extension you have a few different choices you can customize.  You can use a Google voice tracking number so that Adwords will give you in-depth call detail reports (for a price), or you could use your normal business phone number.  This also works with campaigns that serve to a mobile device, which allow you to establish “click-to-call” ads that connect searchers right with the top salesperson in your company (of course).  This is what your ad will look like with a call extension:

ppc advertising call extension

Sitelinks Extension

Pretty much every website can benefit from this ad extension and every campaign should have it included in some way.  This creates the same display affect that organic web listings have when they display sitelinks.  You can customize up to an additional 4 links that can be taken to other useful areas within your site.  Why offer 1 landing page to your customers when you can offer 5?

ppc sitelinks extension

Product Extension

Do you have an ecommerce site?  Please see picture below.  Enough said!

google shopping ad extensions

You can link your ads with your Google Merchant Center and have full product listings with prices, photos and brands.

Social Extension

There are many benefits to growing your following on social media and getting more exposure for your brand.  When you setup this extension you’ll link it with your Google+ business page to drive your following.  You’ll have the ability to engage with your customers,share your message with social users and even get some SEO benefit from that Google+ exposure.

PPC social extension

Mobile App Extension

If you’re building exposure for a new mobile app your company has created then drive not only search traffic but also direct downloads using this ad extension.

mobile banking app extension

If you have had a great success story with your campaigns from using one of these ad extensions feel free to share it with us here in the comments.  We’d love to hear how you increased CTR by 2% using sitelinks, or that you drove 258 sales leads into your office using call extensions.  Hopefully you’re seeing the same types of successes we are.

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