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Hashtags on Facebook – Are They Really Working?

In June Facebook introduced the use of hashtags.  Everyone expected it to be the next big thing and take off the way it did for Twitter.  By using hashtags, Facebook hoped individuals could follow  topics throughout the network.   Everyone was

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10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Strong Social Media Presence

We get it, every time you turn around there is another social media platform launching!  It can be overwhelming, but it’s so important to choose the correct social media platform for your business and utilize social media correctly. 10 Reasons

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LinkedIn Tips for You and Your Business

Does your business have a Company Page on LinkedIn?  It should!  If you are a business owner you should be actively using your company page.  LinkedIn is the most important social network to reach out to other businesses and connect

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Videos on Instagram

  As the Social Media Director for Bevelwise I couldn’t be more excited than to bring you today’s big news.  Today Instagram is stepping up their app to compete with Vine by welcoming videos.   Instagram is a free photo sharing

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Tweet Smarter: Twitter Tips for Businesses

Used properly, Twitter can be a great tool for businesses. Whether it’s utilized for promoting products and specials, extending social presence and building brand awareness, as a customer service outlet or some combination of all of these, Twitter is a

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Is Linkedin Right for Your Business?

A common misconception on the business side of social media is that companies should take on all the different type of social media profiles to have a wide swath of social presence, pervading all parts of the social Web. Don’t

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How Much Value Does Social Media Really Have?

Many clients and conversations we have with marketers ask us: Is social media worth any investment? The answer is yes, but maybe not from every channel that’s available.  Just make sure you set up measurement data points, implement tracking tags

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How to Optimize Your Blog for Social Media

Social media’s possible impact on your blog traffic is something you ignore at your expense. A big driving factor for your blog’s strategy should be how posts will be disseminated and shared on social media sites. Distributing your blog posts

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Facebook Introduces Graph Search: Social Discovery’s New Frontier

Facebook has always emphasized the importance of the quality of your followers, versus playing the pure numbers game with your fan-count. With its latest feature, Graph Search, this is more true now than ever before. The upgrade in Facebook’s search, which was

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Drive Engagement with New Google+ Communities

Google+ recently introduced Communities, its latest feature designed to connect and group together like-minded users to share content and discuss subjects they are truly passionate about. There is a lot of room for growth with this feature and it could mean

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