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Don’t Get Dinged By Google, Get Mobile Responsive Design

At Bevelwise, we constantly have our ears to the ground for the next new developments in our industry. So when we heard about a BIG new need for mobile responsive design, we knew it was going to have a significant

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Invest in a LinkedIn Company Page in 2015

LinkedIn may not cast the wide net that Facebook does and it may have more barriers to entry and functionality than a medium like Twitter, but with the social media channel’s evolution, there is good reason you should invest in

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Internet Marketing Update: Google Adwords

Recently, Google made several updates to help improve the quality of features and ads run through Google Adwords and they are manifesting in four key areas: conversions, callout extensions, surveys with display ads, and local forwarding numbers. Internet marketing updates

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The Top 10 Simple Ways Any Business Can Optimize Digital Media

Digital media, particularly thanks to mobile devices, is here to stay. Few, if any, readers would be here considering this post if that wasn’t true. So, now that we’re gravitating collectively toward a bigger digital presence, what steps can a company

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New Facebook feature can help you stay focused

Would you like a new Facebook feature to help you stay organized, keep focus, and maybe even enable you to preempt the habit of clicking a number of distracting (yet sometimes useful or informative) links before trying to remember exactly

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Local Search and the Multi-Platform Approach

I was just reading this article from Search Engine Land about the topic above. While their “case study” method left a bit to be desired (why would you ever go from your own Facebook page to the yellow pages and

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Google Apps is ceasing support for Internet Explorer 6 as of March 1st

Google sent us the email below stating that they will no longer support IE 6. So contact your IT staff and tell them you need to make sure you are upgraded. We suggest you get IE 8, Firefox 3.5, or

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Anyone can be a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional right?

I was just going through a Search Engine Land discussion thread that was posted through their Linked In profile and it was all about “What passes for an SEO professional”. Needless to say it has 94 posts over a 4

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Twitter to be Indexed on Google and Bing

Both Google and Bing (with Yahoo SERP going to be powered by Bing they will really be one in the same) plan to begin indexing Twitter tweets in 2010. That will allow them to show the the tweets within the

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Emotional Marketing Messaging vs. Facts Based Rational Messaging

I was just re-reading an Article from earlier this year in Advertising Age that talked about why emotional marketing messages beat the rational ones. They looked at 880 case studies, covering two recessions to see if there was any difference

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