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Don’t Get Dinged By Google, Get Mobile Responsive Design

At Bevelwise, we constantly have our ears to the ground for the next new developments in our industry. So when we heard about a BIG new need for mobile responsive design, we knew it was going to have a significant

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Website Innovation *Taken* by Bad Hosting

Some agencies build, design, and / or maintain websites for a living while others build, design, and / or maintain websites for their clients. The difference is critical because, with the wrong arrangement, even the simplest aspects of having a

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Website Development That Protects You

The need for new features and revisions on a website is unavoidable, but you don’t have to get caught in the middle of a change, especially when that change temporarily hinders website performance and appearance. Such a situation can equate to

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Faster Website Loading Can Be Yours

Websites, and the coding that makes them, are growing more complex by the day. The web is capable of some pretty incredible things now, more so than it was even a just year ago. As such, with all of the

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Responsive design makes the Internet less like time-travel

Here at Bevelwise we advocate a Responsive layout due to many reasons. How often in the past have you caught yourself surfing on your mobile phone and you come across a site that could care less that you are not

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How Much Should I Invest in my Website?

Pricing out the cost of building a website is a very subjective question because of the multitude of the internal and external moving parts. The agency you choose for your project also makes a difference. Here at Bevelwise, we have

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How Content and Design Affect Website Conversion Rates

Sam Mauzy is a blogger who also works hand-in-hand with a conversion optimization company that helps clients improve their landing page design in order to convert more browsers into customers.

Most companies have a website these days, or in the very least know the importance of having one. The purpose of having a website is to make people aware and interested in what you have to sell. Odds are that you’ve heard the term “conversion rate” before, even if you’re not really sure what it means or how to get it. When building a website, it’s important to understand conversion rate if you want to make your website work for you, rather than having it simply be a digital brochure.

Conversion rate works hand-in-hand with search engine optimization (SEO). By using well-targeted keywords, you can amp up how often your website appears in search engine results. The more your website comes up in results, the more likely people are to visit your website. A high amount of people who convert from visitors to customers starts with getting people to your page. If you’re unsure of how to write SEO content yourself, hire a content writer who’s familiar with search engine optimization.

Once people land on your website, you have the chance to boost your conversion rate. The home page is where you should concentrate most of your efforts to improve your conversion rate. If you don’t grab visitors’ attention on your homepage, you may never have another opportunity to turn them into customers again. You want to prevent visitors from closing your site before becoming a customer.

You want visitors to be able to make sense of your website, and quickly. Don’t make your visitors work to find out what products you sell or services you offer. There are plenty of competitors out there no matter what business you’re in, and visitors will quickly find a site that’s easier to navigate if yours is too confusing.

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Using Open Graph to Control Branding

An important aspect to building a brand identity is controlling the brand. Large companies have entire documents defining the logo, colors, verbiage, etc. of their brand. However, it is often the little things that get overlooked. In social media there

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What exactly is a bad website & how do you fix it?

On my way into work this morning, I passed a local computer repair shop and they have one of those messaging signs. This one said “we fix bad websites”.  Obviously that got my attention, but I am always on the

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Analyzing your audience’s web habits to improve website performance

[youtube]FDWt2MyOS1k[/youtube] How much actionable information do you have about your web visitors? Can you predict their wants, goals, needs and behavior? Are you using analytic data to improve website performance? Do you utilize any re-targeting, ad networks, Search Engine Marketing

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