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Top 3 Most Overlooked Google Analytics Reports

May 10, 2013

People like to hate on Google. Whether it is because of privacy concerns, shady practices or the power they yield in their massive checkbooks it’s just…easy. While I certainly don’t agree with everything the “Don’t be evil” company, I have

How to Future Proof Your Website or Blog Today

February 7, 2013

Ever since Google+ launched, I’ve sensed some dark undertones and ulterior motives at play. Not to say Google is going against their “Don’t be evil” motto, but there were definitely bigger things in the works. So far, we’ve seen Google

Budget Adwords Wisely by Using Google Analytics

October 6, 2009

Use Google Analytics to optimize your Adwords Pay-Per-Click spending by monitoring your conversion rate, bounce rate, and ROI. First, link your Adwords to Analytics. Tip, do it from your login account (same admin on both), not a My-Client-Account MCC. Make

To www or not to www

September 1, 2009

When you go to a website, say Bevelwise for instance, do you type or in the address bar? If you care at all about SEO what your users type into their address bar should concern you. Personally, I

Actionable Insight Into Your Advertising and Website Design

March 30, 2009

Just discovered this great Google Analytics overview video on their conversion university channel. Google Analytics helps you find out what keywords attract your most desirable prospects, what advertising copy pulled the most responses, and what landing pages and content make

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