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Google Popular Times Means Better Planning?

September 30, 2015

Do you, at all costs, avoid long lines, cramped gyms, or insufficient table room at a local food spot? Well now, a simple Google search can help you plan your visits. Google Search has added a feature that allows you

Why You Should Care about Hummingbird

September 27, 2013

We’re not talking about the actual bird, although they are rather pretty things…. Google has announced a new algorithm has been/is being rolled out across the interwebs. This is the first major change for the search engine behemoth in an

Google’s New Keyword Planner…Does New = Better?

August 22, 2013

  Google continuously keeps the SEO community on its toes with its estimated 500-600  yearly updates to its algorithm (read about 2013’s so far here). This summer has brought two major changes in the PPC world, first with the introduction

How to Future Proof Your Website or Blog Today

February 7, 2013

Ever since Google+ launched, I’ve sensed some dark undertones and ulterior motives at play. Not to say Google is going against their “Don’t be evil” motto, but there were definitely bigger things in the works. So far, we’ve seen Google

Drive Engagement with New Google+ Communities

December 13, 2012

Google+ recently introduced Communities, its latest feature designed to connect and group together like-minded users to share content and discuss subjects they are truly passionate about. There is a lot of room for growth with Google+ Communities and it could mean not

Link Building Strategies To Fuel Your SEO

June 29, 2012

Anyone who talks to you long enough about an SEO strategy will surely bring up inbound links and how important they are to your website’s organic rankings.  This is surely one of the most important aspects to your SEO strategy

Video SEO Benefits your Overall SEO Strategy

June 18, 2010

Optimizing video has always posed great opportunities in the SEO world, and all companies should find ways to leverage this medium. The internet has become more diverse and more visual over time, and that’s not going to slow down. It’s

Twitter to be Indexed on Google and Bing

January 18, 2010

Both Google and Bing (with Yahoo SERP going to be powered by Bing they will really be one in the same) plan to begin indexing Twitter tweets in 2010. That will allow them to show the the tweets within the

Google Jumping Out of the Internet & Into Your Hardware

November 13, 2009

Google’s take over of your internet connected devices is now becoming more clear. The are taking a multi-pronged approach targeting mobile, netbooks, tablets, laptops and PC’s. Android 2.0 is now released on the largest cellular carrier (Verizon) in the US

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