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Google buys Mobile Ad Leader AdMob

November 10, 2009

Marketing to Mobile Devices is here to stay and only going to increase. With the new droids and Blackberry Storm2 and the iPhone, this is only going to be more prevalent and more people move to these data savvy phones.

Budget Adwords Wisely by Using Google Analytics

October 6, 2009

Use Google Analytics to optimize your Adwords Pay-Per-Click spending by monitoring your conversion rate, bounce rate, and ROI. First, link your Adwords to Analytics. Tip, do it from your login account (same admin on both), not a My-Client-Account MCC. Make

AdWord’s Low Share of Voice Status

September 23, 2009

Google AdWords has a new keyword “status” message called “Low Share of Voice.” We are getting to the bottom of what this means and how it impacts our clients’ campaigns. If you hover your curser over this status message, it

Social Media Optimization: Business Marketing Mix

August 18, 2009

Social media optimization is a set of methods for generating publicity & conversations through social media and online communities. Social media optimization is related to search engine marketing, but differs in several ways, primarily the focus on driving traffic from

Local Business SEO – #1 Use a Local Phone Number

August 12, 2009

What can a local business do online when competing with a big, national brand? The websites of both local and national brands make their products/services available 24/7. But one thing big brands lack is community uniqueness and it can be

Where Should I Put my Marketing Dollars?

July 30, 2009

How do you know if you should use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Can I get better results from Pay-Per-Click (PPC)? These are the main two strategies in use today, especially for the small to medium enterprise. Both strategies are entirely

jQuery and Google Event Tracking

March 25, 2009

A while back I was doing some looking around the net for a solution to easily add event tracking to our websites. I found a great little script that did just that over at Now, we use a lot

Google Testing Snippet Results in SERP

September 30, 2008

A WebmasterWorld thread reports Google is testing giving the users the ability to set the size of the search results snippets. Google is showing at the upper left of the search results page “Web: Result details: S M L” The

Google Conversion Tracking Site Stats Logo – Now Optional

September 18, 2008

Finally! Google AdWords conversion tracking users are no longer required to display the “Google Site Stats” logo on the conversion pages of their web sites. Previously, a small but visible text block that read “Google Site Stats” automatically appeared on

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