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Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

In digital marketing terms, the year 2013 will go down as the year that transformed…digital marketing. With the emergence of new technologies, the steady surge of social media platforms and heightened customer savvy, marketers and businesses are now looking toward

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Making Mobile Paid Search A Priority For Your Campaigns

I believe that if you’re in marketing or if you’re reading this that it’s not news to you that marketing to users on their mobile devices is a good thing.  I’m also not going to barrage you with the hundreds

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Is Linkedin Right for Your Business?

A common misconception on the business side of social media is that companies should take on all the different type of social media profiles to have a wide swath of social presence, pervading all parts of the social Web. Don’t

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PPC Ad Group Segmentation, How Deep Should You Go?

Developing keyword lists and building out paid search campaigns can be a very large and a very fun project.  I believe there is some debate among paid search managers as to when you should be adding new ad groups and

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How Much is the Value of Social Media Worth?

Many clients and conversations we have with marketers ask us: Is social media worth any investment? The answer is yes, but maybe not from every channel that’s available.  Just make sure you set up measurement data points, implement tracking tags

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Coming To Grips With Your Websites Content Strategy

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Facebook Marketing & Fan Interaction 101

Guest author Brandon Williams writes for covering Internet Marketing, Remarketing, PPC and more. Facebook is a wonderful way to utilize your personality to interact with fans and to simply show them you’re not just a big-time company that isn’t concerned with their

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Making Social Media More Valuable for Your Business

So you have dabbled in this. You get some people to follow you. How do you know if it is worth your time and really, what can you do to maximize what kind of web traffic you get from these

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Website Landing Page Optimization Based on Traffic Source

Just reading through a Marketing Sherpa report on Landing Page Optimization and I thought I would share a few thoughts. They typically look at it from three types of landing pages; E-Commerce, Incentivized Leads, and Direct Lead Generation. These are,

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Using Open Graph to Control Branding

An important aspect to building a brand identity is controlling the brand. Large companies have entire documents defining the logo, colors, verbiage, etc. of their brand. However, it is often the little things that get overlooked. In social media there

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