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Onset PPC Questions

So, you have decided that it’s time to try your hand at PPC advertising to help you meet your business goals. But, you’re having a difficult time deciding whether to hire a PPC agency, or keep your PPC efforts in-house

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Making Mobile Paid Search A Priority For Your Campaigns

I believe that if you’re in marketing or if you’re reading this that it’s not news to you that marketing to users on their mobile devices is a good thing.  I’m also not going to barrage you with the hundreds

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How Much Value Does Social Media Really Have?

Many clients and conversations we have with marketers ask us: Is social media worth any investment? The answer is yes, but maybe not from every channel that’s available.  Just make sure you set up measurement data points, implement tracking tags

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Local SEO Building Blocks

If you are a local business owner that has a physical location, it’s important for you to optimize your site for Local SEO. A report from Chitika found that 43% of search queries on Google seek local results, which demonstrates the

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8 Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts in 2013

With the end of the world behind us (we made it!) and 2013 just a few days away, it may be time for us to start looking ahead. In 2012, the world of online marketing took some hard turns and

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Website Landing Page Optimization Based on Traffic Source

Just reading through a Marketing Sherpa report on Landing Page Optimization and I thought I would share a few thoughts. They typically look at it from three types of landing pages; E-Commerce, Incentivized Leads, and Direct Lead Generation. These are,

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Should your business try Groupon, Living Social, & Google Offers?

[youtube]7_Uby-fpbMg[/youtube] Looks like the online promotions space is thriving. More and more special offers sites are being created. Google even went and developed their Google Offers product after they failed to buy Groupon for $6 Billion – that’s right $6

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Analyzing your audience’s web habits to improve website performance

[youtube]FDWt2MyOS1k[/youtube] How much actionable information do you have about your web visitors? Can you predict their wants, goals, needs and behavior? Are you using analytic data to improve website performance? Do you utilize any re-targeting, ad networks, Search Engine Marketing

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Social Media & Online Advertising Help You Reach Your Audience

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of my friends complaining that they are “creeped out” when they see Facebook ads tailored to their demographics or interests, or when they see ads from websites they have recently visited on other websites.

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Social Media allows you to listen like never before & respond appropriately

Social Media has made it easier than ever for consumers and business people to get their opinions heard and get them into circulation faster than ever before. It also creates challenges – like should you listen? or what should you

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