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Making Mobile Paid Search A Priority For Your Campaigns

I believe that if you’re in marketing or if you’re reading this that it’s not news to you that marketing to users on their mobile devices is a good thing.  I’m also not going to barrage you with the hundreds

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PPC Ad Group Segmentation, How Deep Should You Go?

Developing keyword lists and building out paid search campaigns can be a very large and a very fun project.  I believe there is some debate among paid search managers as to when you should be adding new ad groups and

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Google Adwords Call Metrics Effectiveness and Billing Changes

If you haven’t already been using Google’s Adwords Call Metrics feature then you really need to look into it. Sadly, if you don’t already know about it then you have missed some functionality that was initially rolled out as free.

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Google Adwords Extends Ad Titles To Test And Improve CTR

Google is always making changes and testing the way they display results and ads. We all know about the change from a while back when they stopped calling ads “Sponsored Results” and starting call them “Ads”. This made a big

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5 New Features Google Analytics Offers In The New Beta AdWords Stat Tool

A couple of us Internet Marketers here at Bevelwise were just talking about this a few weeks ago. I had even provided this as feedback to a Google survey a few months ago that I would like to see, specifically

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Should I try SEO or PPC for my Website?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term investment. You’ll often hear it when an InternetMarketer sets expectations at the beginning of an SEO program. If someone promises “instant” SEO results, run to the nearest exit – it is generally not

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