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Why You Should Care about Hummingbird

We’re not talking about the actual bird, although they are rather pretty things…. Google has announced a new algorithm has been/is being rolled out across the interwebs. This is the first major change for the search engine behemoth in an

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Google’s New Keyword Planner…Does New = Better?


  Google continuously keeps the SEO community on its toes with its estimated 500-600  yearly updates to its algorithm (read about 2013’s so far here). This summer has brought two major changes in the PPC world, first with the introduction

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10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Strong Social Media Presence

We get it, every time you turn around there is another social media platform launching!  It can be overwhelming, but it’s so important to choose the correct social media platform for your business and utilize social media correctly. 10 Reasons

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Why you need Content Marketing.

In the year ahead, content marketing, in all its shapes and forms, is going to become a more integral component of ones digital marketing strategy – if it already has not been. The value of including content marketing in your

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Coming To Grips With Your Websites Content Strategy

I’d like to take some time and focus on the content strategy for your companies website.  Why does website content seem to be an after thought for a lot of businesses?  It seems like a lot of businesses brush over

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How SEO, PPC & Social Influence Each Other For Success

Look out, the web is getting increasingly…webbier? What I mean is, no single marketing channel exists in a vacuum. Increasingly, different channels are relying on each other to further help push their own efforts. Truth is, that’s exactly how Google,

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How To Build A Link Building Strategy To Fuel Your SEO

Anyone who talks to you long enough about an SEO strategy will surely bring up inbound links and how important they are to your website’s organic rankings.  This is surely one of the most important aspects to your SEO strategy

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What exactly is a bad website & how do you fix it?

On my way into work this morning, I passed a local computer repair shop and they have one of those messaging signs. This one said “we fix bad websites”.  Obviously that got my attention, but I am always on the

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Analyzing your audience’s web habits to improve website performance

[youtube]FDWt2MyOS1k[/youtube] How much actionable information do you have about your web visitors? Can you predict their wants, goals, needs and behavior? Are you using analytic data to improve website performance? Do you utilize any re-targeting, ad networks, Search Engine Marketing

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Social Media Strategy – trigger interaction & response

You do not have to be consumer oriented company to be able to use social media to advance your Brand, thoughts, products, and engagement with your audience. There are plenty of people professionally that look for helpful information for their

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