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5 Ways Animated GIFs Could Help Your Advertising

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5 Ways Banner Animation and Marketing with Animated GIFs Could Help Your Advertising By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed the vast amount of animated images on the internet called GIFS. While once heavily used in the early days of Web

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Twitter Moments – The Best of Twitter in an Instant


Since Twitter launched in 2006, the changes have remained minimal – until Twitter Moments came along. As times change, social media networks have to keep up, and Twitter is doing just that. In 2015, people want their news and information

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Tweet Smarter: Twitter Tips for Businesses

Used properly, Twitter can be a great tool for businesses. Whether it’s utilized for promoting products and specials, extending social presence and building brand awareness, as a customer service outlet or some combination of all of these, Twitter is a

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Twitter Adds New Header Images

If the highest form of flattery truly is imitation, then the social media giants seem to be in a constant complimentary war. The latest ‘battle’ features Twitter following both Facebook and Google+’s leads with the addition of ‘Headers.’ The advent

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How to Schedule Posts in Facebook without HootSuite

Do you still use HootSuite or other third-party applications to manage Facebook? It used to be a strategic and efficient way to go, but if you’re still using these tools to schedule posts— you’ll want to re-evaluate your process.

There are several reasons why scheduling posts in advance using HootSuite is doing a disservice to your social media efforts. 1. First, as third-party management tools became popular, users got better at noticing and distinguishing between posts that were made in Facebook and those that weren’t. People simply weren’t engaging as much with Fan Pages that weren’t naturally in Facebook taking the time to post. 2. Facebook of course understood this, and developed their EdgeRank algorithm to reflect it. Fan Pages with stronger EdgeRanks are more likely to have their posts appear in fans’ News Feeds, and using third-party scheduling tools hurts your EdgeRank. 3. The best reason why you shouldn’t be using HootSuite anymore? You can now schedule posts directly in Facebook!

How to Schedule Posts Directly in Facebook

It’s really pretty simply once you know it’s there (and until a week or 2 ago, it wasn’t!—What took you so long, Facebook?). When making a post, click on the clock on the bottom left of the status update.

How to schedule directly in facebook

You can directly schedule posts in Facebook up to 6 months in the future and in 15 minute time intervals. You can also “schedule” posts in the past. If you choose a past date, it will appear on the appropriate date on your Fan Page’s Timeline.

Schedule posts in facebook

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New Twitter Features Improve Usability

Not to be left in the shadows of the attention that Facebook and Google+ have been getting recently; Twitter has been busy rolling out changes this week. New platform transition, new activity stream, new @username stream, new share an image

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Social Media Strategy – trigger interaction & response

You do not have to be consumer oriented company to be able to use social media to advance your Brand, thoughts, products, and engagement with your audience. There are plenty of people professionally that look for helpful information for their

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Social Media allows you to listen like never before & respond appropriately

Social Media has made it easier than ever for consumers and business people to get their opinions heard and get them into circulation faster than ever before. It also creates challenges – like should you listen? or what should you

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Seven Steps for Social Media Strategy Integration for your Company

I love this article from last summer about the 52 questions to ask when hiring a social media company. This article is spot on if you are serious about Social Media. It goes way in depth in some cases, especially

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Twitter to be Indexed on Google and Bing

Both Google and Bing (with Yahoo SERP going to be powered by Bing they will really be one in the same) plan to begin indexing Twitter tweets in 2010. That will allow them to show the the tweets within the

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